About SCS Group

Started way back in 1964 with an aim to cater customers in the field of Industrial supply. This group now has a diversified business operation in welding wire manufacturing, solution under Shakunt Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Specialized GIS Software under Ramtech and supplier of industrial electrical tools, equipment and accessories under Sanwalka Electricals.


Since 1964, Sanwalka Electricals is a known name for complete industrial electrical solution in northern part of India located at Ludhiana in Punjab. Sanwalka Electricals is supplier of cables & cables accessories, industrial tools, switches. L&T switch-gear, electric motor, power tools and lot more.


Since 1992, RAMTECH worked diligently to deliver innovative and practical solutions in various countries. High quality onshore project management, proven technology and innovative solutions have propelled RAMTECH into a position as a global leader specializing in geospatial (GIS) technology, engineering solutions and professional services for utility, telecommunications and government organizations. Ramtech help their clients develop and implement solutions that improve overall data performance, reduce risk, increase functional capabilities and consider the future needs of the client.


Since inception in 1997,SEPL (Shakunt Enterprises Pvt. Limited) is providing world class welding solution and products. We are one of the renowned welding solution manufacturers in Indian. We manufacture welding consumables such as MIG/TIG Welding Wire, Flux Cored Wires under various brands like “SANWALKA Xtra Arc”, “Fabrico”, “Fabcore”.

The very modern manufacturing facilities of SEPL are located at  LUDHIANA in Punjab, Dharwad in Karnataka and Vadodara in Gujarat.